Wonder Blanket CAL 2016

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This is my portion of the Wonder Blanket CAL!! For those who follow my site, this is not Tunisian Crochet.

I am using an orange solid and a variegated yarn called Folklore by Loops & Threads, but you use whatever colours you want. You can cut the yarn at each colour change or carry it up the side. It’s up to you. Just a reminder that this CAL uses a 5.5mm hook.

RS facing:

Rows 1&2:
With Colour A, work two rows in single crochet.
Rows 3&4:
With Colour B chain 3 (counts as a stitch). Skip next stitch, work double crochet in next stitch. Work double crochet in skipped stitch, crossed doubles formed. Work in pairs like this across.
Next row: chain 1, single crochet across. Don’t forget to work a single crochet into the turning chain.
Rows 5&6:
With Colour A work two more rows of single crochet
Rows 7&8:
With Colour B, work a crossed doubles row followed by a row of single crochet.
Cut yarn and weave in ends. You’re done this portion of the CAL!!

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