Magic Loop Tutorial

Magic Loop knitting is a way of knitting in the round using a knitting needle with a very long cable. Tunisian crochet can be worked in a very similar way, using a hook with a very long cable. It looks complicated but it is quick and easy to do. Once you’ve done a couple of rounds this way, you’ll be able to do it with no problems.

I apologize that this is a “photographs only” tutorial, but at this time (January 17th 2016) my winter allergies are acting up and I sound terrible. When I can speak properly, I will film this. At the bottom of this tutorial I will provide a link to Stich Diva’s YouTube video. She is the creator of this technique and demonstrates it, right handed. My photo tutorial is left handed.

Please look at each picture and if necessary, watch Jennifer’s video before getting started in the round. It really is very easy. The final joining, when the last stitch of the round is pulled down over the loops that you created in the beginning is fiddly and you might want to use a fingernail to hold things in place and/or pick these loops off one at a time with your fingers. It sounds worse than it is šŸ™‚

Here are Jennifer’s videos demonstrating her technique:

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  1. Good Afternoon, When following a knit pattern in Tunisian crochet, I have been working odd number rows as written and even number rows right to left and if the pattern calls for a knit, I purl and vise versa. I figured since the even rows were wrong side row that is how it would need to be done.
    Does this sound right to you? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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