Feather & Fan – Take Two!!

This is a link to an image of this stitch pattern, as posted on Instagram. I can’t upload a photo because my modem is being a pain in my arse. We’ll add a new modem to the 2020 To Do List.

I did a feather & fan lace pattern for Tunisian crochet about four years ago. I adapted an old knitting pattern I had. I’ve tweaked it, though, since then. It’s not much different than it was. The grand old change I made was to add two stitches to the count, so that there is a selvedge on both ends of the row. This is much neater and tidier and it means that Row One doesn’t start with a decrease.

Why did I do this?

When I adapted the lace pattern to Tunisian crochet, I was trying too hard to keep to the knitting pattern. You can work the first stitch on the needle in knitting, but doing this in Tunisian crochet is just awkward. That beginning truly stank – stunk? It sucked. It was awkward and fiddly, and just ewww.

Please note: I’m trying to do a video. As quiet as we both are, I have realized just how LOUD my wife is, and how much she talks on her phone in the run of a day. Ah, COVID. Almost a year later and everyone is still home. How’s that working out for you?

I should also note that I’m really not good at filming things so I’m apologizing in advance if I move out of the frame.

Pattern Multiple of 17 stitches plus 2, one for a selvedge at either end

Special stitches:

Tfs= Tunisian full stitch. This is a stitch picked up between two existing stitches or in the hole created by a yarn over.

YO = wrap the yarn around the hook. This creates an extra stitch and a decorative little eyelet hole in your work.

Remember: The very first loop on your hook is the working loop and isn’t charted as a stitch. So when you make your first decrease, don’t struggle trying to do it with that first loop. Like the TSS at the end of each row, it makes a nice neat selvedge up the side of your work.

Foundation row: Standard TSS forward and return pass

Row 1: *TSS2tog 3 times, (YO, Tss) five times, YO, (TSS2tog) three times* TSS in last stitch. Standard return pass.

Row 2: *TSS in first three stitches, (TFS, TSS) five times, TFS, TSS in last three stitches* Standard return pass. Repeat these two rows until item is desired length. End on Row2, BO in pattern.

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