Tunisian Feather & Fan Wave Stitch

Can you tell that I’m stalling? I’m almost done making the pattern for the infinity scarf that I’ve been letting everyone peek at these last two weeks. I just need a couple more days!! 😀

If you came here looking for the feather & fan wave stitch, click here. I’ve since made a change to the pattern and it’s in a new blog post.

I love a good crochet wave stitch!! I’ve only ever seen one TC wave/ripple pattern in print, though. I wanted to see if I could retool a well known stitch pattern for TC since my Google searches have revealed plenty of regular crochet versions but no Tunisian ones. Let’s also be clear, I’m not claiming to be the inventor of this stitch pattern. That title probably lies with a Shetland knitter from long, long ago because as far as I can tell, it’s from knitted Shetland lace that we derive a lot of these wave patterns.

The Feather & Fan is the first knit and crochet wave stitch that I learned. It’s very simple, easily memorized, and works up quickly. Like all wave patterns, the beginning chain looks long, but then it shrinks up quickly so do a gauge swatch first to see how big your wave will be.


Multiple of 17 stitches

Special stitches:

Tfs= Tunisian full stitch. This is a stitch picked up between two existing stitches or in the hole created by a yarn over.

YO = wrap the yarn around the hook. This creates an extra stitch and a decorative little eyelet hole in your work.

Foundation row:

Standard TSS forward and return pass

Row 1:

*Dec over first two stitches by working a Tunisian bind off, Tss2tog twice, (YO, Tss) five times, YO, (Tss2tog) three times*

You only have to bind off for a decrease that one time, at the beginning of the row. All other decreases in the row are Tss2tog. 

Standard return pass

Row 2:

*Tss in first three stitches, (Tfs, Tss) five times, Tfs, Tss in last three stitches*

Standard return pass

Repeat these two rows until item is desired length. End on Row2, BO in Tss


Copyright 2015 Nicole Cormier. 

You can make and sell items using my patterns but you may not sell the patterns. The patterns are free and traffic helps keep this site going, so please credit and link back to my patterns, do not post the pattern. 

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    1. Sorry about that, I’ve changed the wording. The second and third rows were actually rows one and two of the pattern stitch, the first row being the foundation. It should read more clearly now. Thanks!!

  1. Beautiful with this color mixture . What weight wool have you used in this project?
    What size hook have you used in this project ?
    Thank you for posting this stitch. You have given me inspiration .

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful patterns. I wish to make the Tunisian Feather and Fan Wave Stitch scarf. I have cast on a multiple of 17 stitches (51) to make it wider. However, I’m having problems with modifying your pattern accordingly to accommodate all 51 stitches. I would be grateful if you could help me with the above.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi there, can you tell me more about what you’re having trouble with? Thank you for reaching out 🙂

  3. I am. New to turisian crochet. Am all ways on look out for some thing. NEW to. Try. Love the. Stich

  4. I am having such a hard time with this! =( I have done my foundation in a multiple of 17 ( I did 85). I keep coming up short on stitches to use. I “fudged” on Row 1 to see if that would help, but then I was still short on stitches in Row 2. I think my problem may be mostly the beginning of Row 1. I think I’m not understanding that very well. Any suggestions to help me out?

  5. Hi. This is my first time reading a pattern for tunisian crochet.
    I have questions:
    In the first row: I think I understand the decrease in the beginning, but what do I do in the end of the row? On both sides there is now two parts with stitches “sticking out”. Am I supposed to stitch in them? How? When?

    I really want to continue with this pattern, but I don’t understand the pattern.

    Thank you.

  6. Lovely pattern. I’m having trouble understanding it, though. What happens to the two decrease slip stitches at the beginning? I must be doing it wrong because there are no loops left on my hook for those two stitches. ???

  7. i am having trouble with the pattern. i cast on 136 stitches for 8 repeats. the first row was not clear on wheather to do the 2 stitch bind off for each first row or just on the that one row ONLY.
    I ended up only doing it on that first row, as each other row would decrease on the right side for an asymmetrical look.

    Now on each row, the row does not end at the end of the row, but the middle of a repeat 17 stitch pattern.

    The difficulty initially is where to put the stitches on row two. On row Two, there are v type stitches. I have been going ONLY into the right side of that v stitch. I have not counted my pattern repeat to see if this works. I only know at the end of EACH row, I am not ending at the end of the pattern repeat.

    Is it possible for you to do a demo video?

  8. I think this is gorgeous and I’ve tried to make it twice, now, but I’m also confused about some parts of it. When I bound off the first two stitches on my first row it created a… I dunno… nub that stuck out to one side of my work, and then when I do it again every other row, it created a “step” effect up the side. Obviously I’m misunderstanding something but I’m not sure what…

    Also, in your picture up there, is that piece 17sts wide, or a multiple?


  9. I had the same problems as the last two comments. When I decrease on the first row, it you know, decreases, so it makes a nub. It doesn’t look like the picture. I think we need a video.

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