Tunisian Simple Stitch Photo Tutorial

This was done at the request of some of the followers where I have been guest blogging. I apologize, because really, my site isn’t all that beginner friendly.

Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS or Tss) is the most basic stitch in Tunisian crochet. It is done by keeping the yarn to the back of the work, and passing the hook from left to right (for lefties) or from right to left (for righties) behind the vertical bar of yarn. That vertical bar is actually the front thread of the stitch. After the hook is passed through the stitch, the yarn is wrapped around the hook and drawn back through. The result is a loop on the hook and when the row of live stitches (loops on the hook) are closed off in the return pass, the stitch looks like an upright vertical bar.

In these photographs, an 8mm hook and worsted weight acrylic are used, specifically, Red Heart Aran Fleck. It is my favourite yarn for tutorials because I find that it photographs well.

Video links:

The following videos are very, very short. They were intended for Instagram but I didn’t realize that I couldn’t import an external video – I have to use the app and it is almost painful to shoot a video of your own hands with a smart phone. Therefore, these videos have no voice or cool foo foo – because I was counting on being able to make them all fancy in Instagram. Sorry!!!

Starting chain

Tunisian standard foundation row

Tunisian standard return pass

Tunisian simple stitch

Tunisian bind off in Tss

Tunisian purl stitch  For those who feel like checking this out. It’s not in this photo tutorial but I made a video for it anyway.




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