7th Wave Throw

This is a cuddly throw I made, using the stitch pattern I posted recently. It’s about 5 feet long. I didn’t block it for extra width because it’s heavy and it hangs. It’s definitely wide enough for one middle aged cat lady to lie back in a recliner, get cozy, and cuddle with her furry entourage.

I used an ombré yarn. I prefer gradients over stripes. To maintain this effect throughout the throw, you’ll have to match the yarn from the new ball to the old ball, when you’re ready to tie the new ball on. This will involve pulling the yarn from the new ball until you get to a colour section that matches. It will also mean winding up those little bits and using them elsewhere in the blanket – or just stash them for granny squares.


3 skeins Red Heart Super Saver Ombré. I used teal. I did buy four skeins but there’s a lot in one skein of this yarn, so I ended up not needing it.

8.0mm Tunisian hook with a long cable.

Darning needle for finishing ends.

Gauge: I didn’t do a gauge swatch. I usually don’t bother for projects like this.

Click above to get the stitch pattern. For a couch throw like I did here, chain 121 (7 pattern repeats plus 2 for selvedge). For something more blanket like, I’d probably do 10 pattern repeats and probably go down in yarn weight to sport instead of worsted. I wouldn’t bother changing the hook.

Work the pattern across 121 stitches until you’ve used up three skeins. I didn’t use the little bits that I cut when I was matching colour gradients. I had the best of intentions, but I just didn’t want to deal with yarn ends. However, it didn’t matter, I still got a decent sized throw, and now I have little balls of yarn for hoarding granny squares.

Close up of the wave pattern

6 Replies to “7th Wave Throw”

  1. It’s beautiful ! Are you part of the Tunisian CAL that began yesterday (well, yesterday Downunder) ? I shall check; and of you’re not, I shall complain.. 😀

        1. It looks interesting. I just watched Rachel Henri’s video. I’ll have to try that square tomorrow morning. Thank you for inviting me!

          1. Since the first moment of #1 landing in my Inbox I’ve been trying to find a 25cm 8mm double-ended hook. No dice.
            I did get a 6mm one; so I’m going to do xty more rounds, I guess. Sighh ..

  2. I’ve got a stubby 8.0mm double ended hook so I’m feeling lucky. I expect to be cross eyed 😂

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