Draig Uisce – Unforgettable Water Dragon Shawl

I can not tell you enough how much I love the effect of the Dragonfly Unforgettable yarn with the honeycomb stitch. When I first sampled it, I thought right away “dragon scales!!”. The idea for this shawl percolated in my head for a while before I made it. I knew if I saved it for the longest, coldest part of winter, I’d have something fulfilling to do. Working on this has been my reward every day for over two months. A little here, a little there. It could actually be done quite quickly, but why rush?

I’m not writing down an exact pattern for this. I’ve stopped doing that for some of my entrelac work. Once you know entrelac, it’s not hard to figure out. If you don’t know entrelac, then this project may not be for you. My focus is shifting a bit here since I’ve been guest blogging so much. The guest blogs prefer material oriented to beginners, so I’m going to going to go back to doing my thing over here, which is more advanced.

5 skeins of Red Heart Unforgettable, Dragonfly

6.0mm Tunisian hook

darning needle

Pattern guidelines:

Everything you need to know about entrelac base triangles and squares is covered in my Sunrise Mandala.

This shawl is worked from the top down. It starts with a 140 stitch foundation chain, into which are worked 14 10-stitch base triangles. All entrelac is worked in the honeycomb stitch pattern. At the end of each row the yarn is cut.

Subsequent rows are entrelac squares nested in the valleys formed by the row before. Each row is shorter than the last, until the final row is one square.

The first tier of dragon scales are worked in the front loops of the side stitches. They are 20 stitch base triangles. They are started right at the top edge of the shawl and every two rows of shawl equals 20 stitches. The second tier of dragon scales are worked behind the first tier in the back loops. They are offset by 10 stitches so that the points peek out between the points of the first tier of scales.

The tip of the tail is formed by first making a 10 stitch 6 wedge short row circle that is bound off but not sewn shut.
The bottom V tip of the shawl is eased into the v-shaped opening of the circle and the edges are sewn together. Two large 20 stitch base triangles are worked on either side of the circle in both loops and one central triangle is worked between these two.

Ends are woven in and presto – done!!!








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