Unforgettable Statement Necklace


I had a really cool sweater necklace. You know the kind….long silver chain with a big charm on the end, just perfect for adding that little extra something to your collection of long winter tunics. The charm in question was a big metal tassel that jingled and shimmied in all the right ways to enchant my fluffy yarn assistant, Smokey. A few days ago he saw fit to relieve me of my tassel and while I was folding towels he reduced it to a little pile of broken chains.

But, I still had the necklace and the metal ring that the tassel was on.

Earlier that week, I’d seen a woman with a necklace full of feathers and I remember thinking “I need to get me some of that” except that I know feathers won’t survive in my house. I’m not even sure that they’ll survive me. It occurred to me that that I should crochet a nice, Tunisian leaf, and then it occurred to me that I had just finished my Unforgettable Infinity Scarf and there was a partial skein of Candied left over.

I worked the leaf into the metal ring, which was about 3/4″ across. A fun thing happened when I did that. because it doesn’t look like a leaf. It looks like a conch shell. I can kinda-sorta flatten it out to be leaf-like, but it goes right back to being a conch shell because of the tightness of the ring.

2016-02-15_19.38.37 (1)
It doesn’t really flatten out into a leaf very well, but that’s ok because as a conch it is that much more fabulous.

And here’s how I did it:


1 skein of Red Heart Unforgettable, Candied

3.75mm short Tunisian crochet hook

darning needle

3/4″ metal ring

long necklace chain.

Take the ring off the chain. Using the hook, make a slip knot and work 10 single crochet around the ring. Do not join. If you’re confused about how to do that, just stick the hook into the center, and draw up a loop around the ring. It’s easy.

Chain one and turn. Work 2 single crochet into each of the 10 single crochet. 20 single crochet. Do not join.

Now begin your leaf/conch:

Work a 20 stitch leaf into the 2o single crochet you just made, using Tunisian crochet. You are making an entrelac base triangle. You will do this in the Tunisian double crochet stitch. Instructions for making this leaf are in other patterns, Unforgettable Lotus Motif (instructions on Tunisian double crochet) and Sunrise Mandala (instructions on creating an entrelac base triangle). This conch is actually one leaf, just like the ones in the lotus pattern. When you are finished, weave in your ends, slip the necklace chain through the ring and wear your statement necklace!!

Jewelry not your thing? 

Make my Five Point Star and Short Row Circle motifs to with this little shell. Call the short row circle a sand dollar and the five point motif a starfish. Use them to embellish an existing project or make small, soft toys for someone who is done teething 🙂

Copyright 2015 Nicole Cormier. 

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