Bucket Beanie

This is chemo cap #1 in what I’m hoping will be a three part series of free patterns. A short time ago, my friend Tammy received a diagnosis that rocked her world. She has had surgery right away and now chemo begins. I’m up here in Canada and while I know she’s a new friend to me, and  has a loving community in Texas that won’t let her fall, I still feel like I should do something. I think we all feel like that when someone we know becomes seriously ill.

This was the first beanie that I made for her. It is sized a little bit larger than I normally make my hats. I like my beanies to be a bit snug around my head. This one is meant to slip on and off with no give so as not to irritate skin. Bald heads can be sensitive.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is made using the Short Row Circle tutorial that I shared with readers over at My Hobby Is Crochet. The short row circle is the crown (top) of the hat. The sides are worked entrelac-style, by attaching yarn to a stitch along the edge of the short row circle, making a foundation chain, and picking up loops in it. After the last loop is picked up, an extra loop is picked up in the side edge of the circle, to join. A standard return row is then worked. Subsequent rows are worked in Tss, joining at the side edge of the crown. The last row is bound off and the hat is turned inside out. The beginning row and ending row are slip stitched together, the ends are woven in, and voila!! A bucket beanie!! …..so named because it looks like a little bucket.


8.0mm Tunisian hook

1 skein Red Heart Super Saver, Aran Fleck

darning needle


Crown: 4 stitches/1 inch

Cuff: 3 stitches/1 inch


Follow the instructions at My Hobby Is Crochet, to create a short row circle with a starting chain of 10 stitches. Work in Tss and create six wedges. This will give you 60 stitches along the side edges of the crown.


Attach yarn to one side stitch at crown edge. Chain 20. Work a standard foundation row (pick up 20 loops in the foundation chain). Pick up a loop in the side stitch of the crown where you attached the yarn. 21 loops on the hook. Work return pass as follows:

*YO, pull through 2 loops*, across, until 1 loop is left on the hook. Working this return keeps the stitch count of your cuff at 20.

Work remaining rows in Tss on 20 stitches, all the way around, joining in side stitches of crown. Bind off last row. Turn hat inside out and hold two edges so wrong sides are facing outwards. Use hook to slip stitch the side seam closed. Use darning needle to weave in ends.

These are the same instructions given in the photo tutorial for the Entrelac C2C blanket. If you are confused, look at the pictures captioned “Begin the second row”. You are joining yarn to the side edge of the crown and working joined rows in the same manner. The difference is, you are going all the way around a hat crown and working 58 rows before binding off.

This produces a cuff on the hat that can be folded back, watch cap style. The backside of Tss when worked sideways, looks like ribbing. For something shorter, chain 15 instead of 20.


Copyright 2015 Nicole Cormier. 

You can make and sell items using my patterns but you may not sell the patterns. The patterns are free and traffic helps keep this site going, so please credit and link back to my patterns, do not post the pattern. 


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