Selling Crochet Series –

(please note, this endorsement is NOT compensated, I just happen to like Sedie and I think you should, too)

Sedie is at it again!! If you haven’t encountered Sedruola in your crochet related travels then you should stop on by – especially if you want to sell crochet or learn other ways to earn money as an artisan. I’ve taken both her free and paid courses and I highly recommend her. This course is coming up in 2016, so drop by and join her mailing list for more information, if you’re interested. In fact, there is a distinct possibility that you could see me taking it, now that I’ve gotten over my mental block about selling my finished work 🙂

I can safely say this: without a plan, flailing around is not fun. No one likes losing money and now that handmade is HOT, everyone is doing it. You’re never “too anything” to learn something new, so you should absolutely click on the image and go nose around Sedie’s site. Her blog is pretty cool, too!!

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