Facebook Crochet Groups

Today I thought I’d give some press to a few groups on Facebook. It’s nice to get together with other folks and the internet gives us the ability to do that at 2am, in our underwear, tea in hand if we so desire. Some of these groups are HUGE and have over 100,000 members, so posts get buried quickly, BUT they all have one things in common: they are friendly, supportive places to visit:

These two might not be for everyone, but I sure like them!

  • Crochet Uncensored – this group is different. It’s a no-holds-barred bunch of hookers telling it like it is, with many posts being listed “NCR” (Not Crochet Related) and quite often “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work). It’s a hilarious place but not for the easily offended.
  • Your Mom’s a Hooker – billed as “a place for the more modern and open minded hooker”, this group was created as an antidote to the often religious and conservative overtones that seem to exist in a lot of other English-speaking, North American crochet groups.

And finally, for those looking to find other members of the Rainbow Tribe:

  • LGBTQ Crafters – this is a very small group compared to the others listed here. It’s also not nearly as busy, but it is a nice place to go if you want to make some queer crafting friends, not specifically crochet but there are hookers there.

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