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I have been terribly, terribly lax on my social sharing, folks. I apologize. I don’t go into the groups often enough and when I do, I get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of posts to read and play catch-up with, so a lot of the times I just sneak back out. It is time to rectify this. Please click on the image to visit the site.




Stacy Krumel-Rhoades is a fellow crochet blogger and desginer who has been told that she is slowly going blind due to degenerative vision disease. She is putting several of her patterns on sale to raise funds for a family trip. She has a bucket list that she wants to accomplish – let’s help her do that!!






I am not particularly religious, but many in the North American crochet community seem to be. So, for the Christian hookers who may be interested, here is a lovely pattern that comes from From Grammy’s Heart to create a cross bookmark. I will probably make one of these anyway , religious beliefs aside, and make it BIG, because they remind me of the Celtic crosses that I used to see growing up in Nova Scotia, particularly on Cape Breton Island.







Fellow hookers – Stichin’ Mommy is hosting an INTERNATIONAL give-away!! This gives me a huge happy!! Seriously, it does. I get excited when I see contests and give-aways and then I read the fine print that usually says “USA only” in not so many words. But this is for everyone. Yay!!! She’s giving away a copy of “Hooked!: 40 Whimsical Crochet Motifs From Weird to Wonderful” Stop by and check it out.

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