I’m trying to make this site look a little prettier. I also have a professional blog that I’ve been giving love to lately, and I’ve revived a site that I used to use to showcase/sell niche items that I have designed, inspired  by the runes.

My apologies if you have been here and gotten the lovely white screen of doom that reads “Maintenance mode”. This happens sometimes when I try to do Jetpack updates. I get the spinning wheel of tears for about 30 minutes and nothing happens. Boo hiss!!!


I have a few items on my hook but they aren’t ready for show and tell yet. My tendon is getting better and I credit my kettlebell workouts with helping a lot, even if that is probably how I buggered it up in the first place!! Of course, doing nails all day in the salon doesn’t help.


Earlier this week we said goodbye to a furry family member. Our little cat, Bruiser, affectionately known as “booboo” died due to complications from kidney poisoning on Tuesday morning. The vets and staff at Southglen Animal Hospital worked hard to help him get well for five days, but despite an improvement, his little body just couldn’t do it. Early Tuesday morning he developed such a severe and sudden anemia that his little body went into shock and he couldn’t recover. He was a little fighter right to the end. How did this start? He was getting into the dog’s food and we had not two clues until a week ago when he tried to chew his way into the bag. I had no idea that dog food could do this to a male cat.

We rescued him from a drug house in August 2009, when he was about 8 weeks old. He was a tiny, filthy little bag of bones with the worst case of ear mites that our vet had seen in about 20 years. He had a saucy little attitude that quickly became apparent when we introduced him to the household diva, Honey, our other cat. He became the most social family member in the house. He was my husband’s modeling and Netflix buddy, my son’s gaming buddy, and my yarn and workout supervisor. He is very much missed in this house. Here is a photo collage I made, showing off a few of the crochet projects that he has sat upon over the years:







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