Temperature Blankets

Forget the New Year/New Me business. In the crochet world, the New Year is not full of resolutions, it’s full of Temperature Blankets.

Like a lot of people, I have started out diligently making one and then put the thing away for good two weeks later when I’ve realized that it’ll be about 8 feet long. I won’t make fun of them, there’s enough of that on social media and in Facebook groups. Not that I don’t want to, mind you, I just feel like all the jabs have been made.

But this. THIS. This is taking temperature blankets to a whole new level. This hooker is doing them not just for daily temperatures, but HOURLY.


I follow her on TikTok. Im going to watch and see if she’s as hardcore as she lets on. Click on her name below. I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video.


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  1. I dunno why increasing her input by a factor of at least 1,040 means more actual maths .. But it sure does mean she won’t have time to live a life; as she’ll be recording, assigning colours and crocheting – like, virtually non-stop.
    I’m doing a temperature scarf comprising lowest and highest temps of each day. That’s a much as I can fit it; and it’s only 40 stitches wide !!!
    Started at the beginning of Oz winter, and have now completed that and spring, and finished December ..

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